About Us

The Goddess Movement was born out of a few simple ideas:

  • People need a place to feel free, safe, and comfortable to discover who they truly are.

  • If a group of people can carry compassion instead of judgement for each other, powerful connections are made based on truth, not masks.

  • Human potential is vast and without boundaries… this studio is a place where the staff, movement, and the very walls are infused with inspiration to help every client discover their own potential.

The founder and director, Aryn Savard, knew that if TGM stayed strong and true to these simple principles….magic would happen… and so it has. 

Founded in 2006, The Goddess Movement has helped develop people to be strong, fit, healthy beings in mind, body and spirit.  It is the passion and pleasure of every leader at TGM to fulfill these ideas in every person who walks in the door.