Hello Community!

This is Aryn, and if you have not met me in person yet, I am the owner of The Goddess Movement.


The Goddess Movement is traveling through a new shift, a new transition full of possibility. For the past 13 years, we have called 1919 Sumas Way our home. However, I was informed just a few weeks ago by our landlord that at the end of 2018 we will no longer be able to call this space home as our studio space will be taken over by the landlord’s expanding business.


This was shocking news, and I’ve been working hard to come up with a new pathway for the studio to thrive and continue it’s Legacy of Love. With the help of some incredibly wonderful and supportive people, I have come to realize that a shift is very much necessary, both from a personal and professional view.


I am happy to share that we will have a new home, as of January 1, 2019, for our floor-based classes like Army of Sass, Hip Hop, Funky Feels and new inspirations. This new home will be at 33779 Essendene in beautiful downtown Abbotsford. This was Barry’s School of Dance years ago and is now the new home of I-Lead Abby. The energy between the I-Lead Abby team and I was magnetic from the first meeting. We have such similar aligned missions for different demographics and we are both excited to connect our teams and communities!


In the new year, we will not be able to run aerial classes. Pole was the original movement offered through TGM and it has been such a beautiful way to deliver our mission of compassion, love and acceptance. As of right now, we cannot continue our pole or circus classes due to the overwhelming expense of renovating a new space and, in addition, the increase in rent for leased space in Abbotsford being 75-200% more than my current lease rate. It is also becoming increasingly apparent that I need to be able to be flexible and present for my family in the next year, reducing stress and financial strain. This decision was not made lightly and it has come with many tears. For those of you who have been our loyal students through the last decade, thank you, and I send this information out with a great big Aryn sized hug to you all.


This transition does have a lighter side! I am so excited to have the space both in time and finances now to be creative again. Reducing the amount of responsibility I must carry as a business owner is opening up many doors to new possibilities, new classes, new workshops, personal growth and community events, and possibly even new productions! Our studio leadership is so excited to continue our fuzzy pink bubble in our new home and we are buzzing with the excitement of possibility! I know change sometimes feels difficult, but please know that myself as well as the TGM team are already at work to bring you the kind of love-filled, soul-anchoring, spirit-lifting experience you have known to love in every new endeavor we create from January forward. This is not an ending, it is a transition full of new possibility!





The Goddess Movement was born out of a few simple ideas:

  • People need a place to feel free, safe, and comfortable to discover who they truly are.

  • If a group of people can carry compassion instead of judgement for each other, powerful connections are made based on truth, not masks.

  • Human potential is vast and without boundaries… this studio is a place where the staff, movement, and the very walls are infused with inspiration to help every client discover their own potential.

The Goddess Movement is a studio dedicated to exploring movement, empowering people, and connecting community.  Within our space you will find classes that are slightly out-of-the-norm.  We like to blur the lines of fitness because fitness is not our goal, encouraging the exploration of whole human beings is!  When you walk through our doors, you will be met with nothing but love and respect.  You do not need to “be anything” to come play with us, there are no expectations.  Our goal as TGM staff is to welcome you as you are and leave you plenty of room for you to discover, embrace, or re-invent yourself!  We ask that you pay that same vibe forward to all the wonderful souls you’ll meet in our studio.  Love and respect is what we want to share with this world, movement is our way to get there.

The founder and director, Aryn Savard, knew that if TGM stayed strong and true to these simple principles….magic would happen… and so it has. 

Founded in 2006, The Goddess Movement has helped develop people to be strong, fit, healthy beings in mind, body and spirit.  It is the passion and pleasure of every leader at TGM to fulfill these ideas in every person who walks in the door.