Spotting and Safety Workshop

Presented by Aryn Savard

  • Owner of The Goddess Movement Studio
  • Developer and director for The Goddess Movement Method of Pole Instruction
  • Canadian Pole Fitness Association Board Member
  • Head judge for the CPFA Canadian National Pole Championships
  • Professional performer


This 2 hour workshop will be lead live in the host studio. Aryn will go over important safety points for many of the advanced moves that are common to the pole sport industry. Aryn will not be teaching how to instruct these moves, but rather ways to make these moves safe through visual awareness, body physics and proper spotting. This workshop is open to instructors, students and friends/spouses of students would would like to lend assistance to their pole-er.

This workshop is best when done in pairs so that each person can spot a “student” throughout the workshop. Mats are not required for this workshop as the focus is safe and effective spotting.


Learn Safety and Spotting for These Industry Standard Moves:

  • basic inversion
  • inside leg hang
  • outside leg hang
  • boomerang
  • butterfly/extended butterfly
  • superman
  • handspring/handstand
  • elbow hold
  • layback (cross foot, cross, knee, cross ankle)
  • shoulder mount


Once the studio deposit has been paid, the participants of the workshop are invited to suggest any other moves they would like detailed with spotting. This list of moves will need to be emailed to Aryn upon the final payment for the workshop one week prior. If there is time available, Aryn is happy to go over any and all suggestions to make sure your studio is as safe as possible!


Committed to make the sport of pole fitness safe, fun, and flying high in Canada!


Aryn Savard
Phone: 778-240-7879
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