Chicago – Day 2

By Aryn 0

What a day!!!!

Started off with my beautiful friend Rhonda performing in the Master’s division. I was so happy to help adorn her make up and jewels!


I taught my first workshop at the convention, one all about finding your heart and expression in pole . . . pitter patter went my heart as they all joined me on a ride of experimentation, creativity, emotions and joy.


I then ran immediately into the performance hall for the final competitions of the North American Pole Dance Championships. So many Canadian Pole-ers competing!!


Canada’s own Stef Lim and Tara Meyer placed! Stef took 3rd in semi-pro and Tara first in Elite Pro. Amazing!!!! We saw Jossiah Grant rip his jeans right open in an impromptu men’s sexy floor work contest . . . so awesome! The competition was wrapped up with an insane group performance by girls from Salt Lake City, their finale?  . . . bust open water balloons and fling water everywhere with their hair, bodies and hips — DELICIOUS.


Finishing off the night with oh-so-yummy gluten free pizza and wings.


One more workshop and performance tomorrow, then BC bound ♥♥♥