Words to describe classes at The Goddess Movement? Extra-ordinary, inspiring, playful, mindful . . . sound like your cup of tea? Perfect! Each class at The Goddess Movement is lead by trained and certified staff whose purpose is to make you sure you feel even more amazing than when you walked in. Through movement, mind-body connection, soulful music and positive affirmations, our classes are designed to motivate you to a new level of awesome!

The pole program at The Goddess Movement was developed by Aryn Savard, leader in the fitness industry, with 17+ years of experience and a degree in Exercise Physiology. Pole movements and TGM’s signature head to toe workout have been developed with safety and success in mind.

Challenge your body in a way that develops strength and a sound foundation of joint stability to support each and every pole move introduced. Each skill builds on the last to allow you to fly, feel free, and powerful. Our classes have accommodated first time students, all the way through BC Pole Fitness Champions and National Canadian Pole Fitness Athletes.

The circus program at The Goddess Movement is rooted in quality, education and safety. Originally trained and certified by one of Canada’s leading circus schools, our circus leaders are trained from the ground up by life-long circus acrobats.

Our progressional program is built to keep our participants safe and successful allowing the freedom to play, fly and discover. Aerial silks stand alone as its own principle, aerial hoop and trapeze are trained together.

Certified instructors, safety mats, and a detailed, structured progression of skill development mean your success!

Army Of Sass
120+ min