We Will Rise

We Will Rise

  • May 01 2019
  • 00:00 - 00:00

LUVEN’s “We Will Rise”

Luven is a dance training and performance program that fosters the individual power, grace, and confidence of the lioness. Luven is a safe space for all humans to explore dance through heels, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, jazz funk, sensual + animalistic movement, floor flow and tricks and so much more. Like the lioness, Luven elevates the raw strength and power in the singular, but when together in a pride, the entire group is catalyzed through the collective support, love, resiliency and courage of the group.

$337.50 + GST


IMPORTANT DATES – please check your calendars before registering!Session starts: January 28-31
Tech rehearsal: Friday May 7*
Dress rehearsal: Saturday May 8*
Show date: Saturday May 15*

*Please note that rehearsal and show dates are estimated dates and will be confirmed once we have a firm filming or stage plan.

REGISTER TODAY AT http://thegoddessmovement.com/our-schedule/ or via the schedule house app!