Hero To Human in 2.5

By Aryn 0

Aryn’s recipe for the interdependent relationships of awesomeness.

I have been wanting to post about this for months now and I finally have found the time and clarity. We are inspired by many things and many people. You find someone that lights you up, with energy, business inspiration, spirituality, leadership . . . they become a living hero. We tend then to put this person on a pedestal, create a reality where they are perfect and continue to inspire you from high atop Mt. Perfection. Until one day, your world crumbles when they do the one and only thing they can in the course of time . . . they demonstrate to you that they are in reality, human. Not the iron-skinned, cape-clad, ideal of behavioral perfection you have built them up to be. What happens now?? Usually we are crushed, we can’t believe that they could do something like this and we take it personally. It is the powerful ego that takes EVERYTHING personally, when in reality our hero hasn’t a clue that your crushed world has anything to do with them. And this where it all gets real. Here is my advice . . .

Be inspired. But be inspired by moments, by intent, by purity of heart and intention . . . not by an ideal. No matter who it is or what they have done, if they are human, they are bound to be less than “hero perfect.” This is largely due to the fact that they are not superheros. Shocking, I know! I have been in this situation myself many time in many ways where I have idealized people who inspired me, only to be disappointed and hurt later on. What I have come to realize is that there are many humans in this planet of existence who have moments of super-human awesomeness. I choose now to be inspired and elevated by these moments, show gratitude for the human who brought them to me . . . and then allow that human to just be . . . human. They are not Gods, not super heroes, just humans with unearthly moments of awesomeness. What is incredible about this is the human who inspired me can continue to tap into and share those moments without pressure of expectation, unrealistic/unreachable future performance, nor invalidated praise. In short, it opens the heart, mind and soul for more divine guidance, more creativity and more moments of awesome . . . free to flow.

Accept your heroes for being human, forgive expectations, and love and appreciate the moments.