Lyndsey – Live from Canadian Pole Fitness Championships 2014

By Aryn 0

Canadian Pole Fitness Championships!! Thank-you sooo much to everyone who has supported me along this crazy journey. From being my eyes in the studio, to the few who saw my video rehearsal, to wishing me good luck, all of it has been important and appreciated.

Definitely feeling the love from back home, every text, personal message, FB message, phone call, all of it .. I appreciate it more than you can possibly know!! I have had tears of happiness flooding me today after seeing all of your messages, love and support. I soooo wish you could all be here with me, but even though you are not I can feel you supporting and loving me from a far. Thank-you is beyond words, I cannot express my gratitude enough. I will have all of you, and you all know who you are, in my heart when I perform tonight.



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