TGM is committed to investing in the growth and vitality of our clients. We provide many different workshops on a monthly basis in the areas of pole fitness, circus, dance flow, and mind-body-spirit integration. We have hosted such international professionals such as Jenyne Butterfly, Estee Zakar, Steven Retchless, Eduoard Doye, Oliver Pavick, and Heidi Coker. Canadian experts in yoga, acro-balance and gymnastics bring new movement palettes to TGM. Our in-house professionals have created workhsops for improving quality movement, flow and coordination in all aerial arts. We work with local businesses and health professionals to bring workshops on energy balance, pain relief, and nutrition. Check back to this page regularly to see the new ways to invest in your mind, body, and community!


Estee Zakar


Steven Retchless


Heidi Coker