Prepping for Competition

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Sharing my perspective as a coach and judge . . .a few things to ponder as your event approaches . . .

  1. Approximately 2 weeks out you should be make decisions about any skills that are not 100% consistent. If they are close enough, keep training, if not, it’s better to sub them out for a more consistent skill.
  2. Things always feel like shit when you go from practicing sequences one group at a time, then try to run them all together in a routine. Be patient, do not get too discouraged. It’ won’t feel like that forever. Keep going, breathe and eventually magic happens.
  3. Make the simple mindless things flawless. Point your toes when you climb. Make sure your legs are fully extended when they are supposed to be. Use your legs when you climb to save your arms and hands. Rudiments should be flawless. Video, evaluate, correct, apply.
  4. Do not start or keep watching other competitor’s videos or worry about adding more difficulty close to your event unless your routine has been polished for weeks. It is much better to present a slightly less challenging, but very clean routine than pushing too hard to reach skills you don’t quite have. Forgoing harder, less polished tricks for smooth, less difficult tricks will allow the judges to feel you own your routine and are confident. Nothing worse for your score card than the judges being concerned for your safety or conditioning.
  5. Remember what you love about pole and make that your focus. There is a reason you were drawn to pole. Never lose sight of it. The pressure competition can create can feel heavy and dark sometimes. Take a moment and let your heart dance again, bring that back into your performance and you’ll light the stage up!
  6. Be nice. Be nice to other competitors, be nice to your even host. Encourage others. The pole community is small. There is enough ugly to deal with on a daily basis. Love, encourage, play.

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