Funky Feels Contemporary

Combining sensual vibes with weird and unique movement this will be contemporary based class with hints of jazz and lyrical. Throughout we will be exploring traditional jumps, turns, kicks, and floor work while adding poses and positions that are unnatural and different to what you’re used to. Come and experience something edgy and unlike anything you’ve done before. Come get weird with us!! 


What to Wear: Anything you feel comfortable dancing and exploring new movement in. Please have bare feet or wear socks.



– Start with a traditional dance warm up
– Do some mild conditioning (crunches, arms, squats etc.)
– Across the floors where each week you will be taught a new turn, jump, or kick
– Do a combo the instructor has choreographed with weird and sensual movement that may also involve the new turn, jump or kick they learn across the floor, with added uniqueness.


Objective: To have people leaving the class feeling amazing and like they’ve tried something new and explored a side of dance they maybe haven’t in the past, or are trying to get back into.


We also offer a variety of other mini-course classes throughout the year. Keep reading to learn about them!

Beginner Hip Hop

What to Expect
This class will introduce students to the history of Hip-Hop culture with basic moves and grooves. The focus of this class is to build a solid foundation to execute popular dance moves to original choreography. Warm up includes isolations, hard- hitting exercises and a breakdown of the highly energetic routine to build stamina and increase musicality. There will be set choreography in each class. The choreography will change every week. This class is open to all levels.


What to Wear
Street gear that you can move easily in, must wear street/runners or dance shoes, also be prepared to sweat.. so either wear layers or bring a change of clothes! Bring H2O!!

Jazz Technique

Learn the basics of Jazz dance and movement in this beginner class designed to give you all the tools you need to kick, jump, turn and jive! Taught by Jewel Miller, a shinning star in the BC dance community! Jewel brings years of experience teaching all ages, a strong set of foundational skills, award winning choreography and she embodies joy and brightness, letting it shine through in all of her classes!

*No experience necessary 


Stretch Effects

It’s not a secret that we all neglect our flexibility. Join Aryn for this dedicated time to stretch, lengthen, and increase flexibility. This guided stretch class that will focus on hamstring, hip, back, and shoulder flexibility in different weeks. We will work solo as well as in pairs to push past the tight spots. You’ll leave feeling taller and amazingly limber!


Movement Meditation

Gain freedom from the never ending thoughts in your mind, the endless decisions and responsibilities.  This class occupies your mind with repetitive movement patters so you can move freely, without pressure, and WITH the joy of experimentation at your fingertips.  Come quiet the mind and occupy the body!


Exotic Pole & Flow

Are you a go with the flowwwww kind of pole-er? This class fully embraces feminine sensuality. Learn standing, mid-level, and floor based skills and transitions. Learn the art of slinking and sliding in platforms heels! Full of turns, pivots and floor work, you will be in for a sensual treat and an incredible workout for the hips, legs and core. Platform heels are highly recommended, but not required, knee pads are a must. If you are not working in heels, please bring socks so you can pivot with ease. Attire is up to you, leggings are great, but feel free to rock the skimpy goodies tucked in the back of your drawers!


Pole Fluidity

Simple combos and choreo that allow you to become the dance. Fall into fluid movement allowing you the freedom to express without the confinement of aerial tricks. All levels welcome.



This 1 hr class is all about the bootay! But don’t let it deceive you, this is a full body, cardio workout! Your instructors will teach you all you need to know to shake what your mama gave you! Come with lots of water, indoor runners, some knee pads and a sassy attitude! You will have so much fun, you’ll forget how hard you’re working! No experience necessary!


Chair Dance

Get fit, have fun, stay sexy! The chair becomes your dance partner. Dance with, around or on the chair as an apparatus. Each class begins with a sensual warm-up and movement foundations, and choreography builds over the course of the session. No experience necessary; all fitness levels welcome. Heels are encouraged but not required.


Strength & Conditioning

No pole experience necessary!  We use the pole as a workout tool, challenging traditional workout movements in a whole new way!  Open to any and all students, this workout is sure to boost your strength and stamina to catapult your fitness forward.


Work The Floor

Down and dirty floor workout and dance class! Warm up, ab & glute workout and then simple and inspiring choreography that works the floor! Wear long pants or high leg warmers, bring socks and knee pads! The best all body workout paired with dance you will ever find!

Tell Us What YOU Want!

If you are interested in having any of the above mini-courses added to our schedule, please let us know by filling out the form below or by sending us a message!

Jazz Technique
Stretch Effects
Aerial Yoga
Movement Meditation
Pole Fluidity
Silks Dance
Cheeky Chair Fit
Goddess Workout
Strength & Conditioning
Work the Floor