Pole Classes FAQ’s

Now that we have our pole program back in our schedule, we’ve been receiving tons of emails about it so we thought we’d share some tidbits with you just in case these questions have popped into your thought bubble too!


I’ve never done pole before … where can I start?
We have the perfect class for you! Our Intro To Pole class runs every month for 3-4 weeks and lays out the ground work for moving your body around a pole. Don’t worry, we know this is all new to you and maybe even a bit scary – our instructors are trained to walk you through all the steps safely and smoothly!


I’m not in very good shape / I’m overweight. Can I take pole?
Heck yes you can!! Our team works with people of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, etc – you name it, we’ve worked with it! All we ask is that you show up with an open mind and trust that we’ve got you! Our programs are designed for this to be your journey – you move at your own pace while being given support and tools along the way!


What do I wear/bring to class?
Think of what you would wear to yoga – an athletic tank or tee, fitted shorts or tights and bare feet. You’re more than welcome to bring heels as an option to introduce but it is not required. Oh, and water! Don’t forget the H20!


I’m not available when the class is running. Do class times ever change? Are there other options for me?
We try to keep our calendar as consistent as possible to make scheduling for everyone easier, so unless absolutely necessary, we try not to change class days and times. That said, our instructors do offer private lessons so this is always a great option if your schedule doesn’t work for one particular level. Typically you can accomplish what you would in 2-3 classes within 1 private lesson! They start at $80 per hour and we have discounts if you buy in 3’s! Email meg@thegoddessmovement.com to set one up!


I’ve taken pole classes before at another studio. How do I know where to start with TGM?
Your best bet is to email us to let us know what classes you’ve taken and where. We may need to see you in action before placing you in the right class. Our goal is to keep you safe and successful so it’s very important that we take a bit of time to chat this out but we can absolutely get you into the right class!


I can see the pole classes online but I can’t register – why?
We always want to honour the journey of our current students so we hold space within our program for them to continue; this is why you can see classes but maybe can’t register right away. Classes will open to the public for registration on the 15th of each month!


How do I know how many times to take each level?
As you approach the end of your session, you can ask your instructor for feedback and a level recommendation for your next session. It is typical to stay in the same level for anywhere between 2-4 sessions, sometimes more. Remember, this journey is for you and no one else; there is no set rule for how you do it!


Why are there prerequisites?
We always want to ensure that our students are safe; your feet are sometimes leaving the ground so this is super important! Our program is designed to build on the skills that are being given to you so we want to make sure that your body, mind and tool belt are more than ready before moving you to the next level!


I want to keep taking pole. Is there a way that I can be automatically registered?
You betchya, we’ve got you covered! We have a Standing Order Form (see link below) that you can complete to commit to 6 or 12 months of continuous pole classes. Meg will automatically process your registration and payment on the 1st of the month before your class starts. Just make sure you have a credit card on file with us and you’re golden, baby!