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Time is our most precious commodity… This goes out to all the mama’s and care providers out there. I was getting really down on myself for not “doing all the things.” Not having the house clean, not getting all my business work done, not getting groceries on time, as the story goes. So I sat […]


PERSPECTIVE Just a little note on perspective this morning… What if you were not the emotional state you are currently in? What if your situation wasn’t YOU? What if you could step out of the scene and watch the events unfold in front of you? One of the most empowering things we can create in […]

Follow the Process

Follow the Process You do it because you said you were going to. No matter if you are lifting weights, dancing, doing self work, there are phases: excitement and enthusiasm challenge and learning challenge decreases strength and stamina commitment and follow through recovery LEVEL UP Today’s workout was fucking hard, I hated feeling week, feeling […]


Fear There are many ways that fear can surface that we recognize…anxiety, freezing, sweaty palms, avoidance. It can escape our awareness in the trickiest of ways when it shows up as Distraction. Yes, those moments where you go to get water, or run an errand, or bake cookies, or engage in conversation are moments that […]


Distraction Often times what we avoid is exactly that in which we should engage. We are funny creatures, trying to dodge discomfort. We avoid and distract in order to feel what we think is ease. It is a tricky game. We get really good at playing this game, after all our society is full of […]