By Aryn 0


Often times what we avoid is exactly that in which we should engage. We are funny creatures, trying to dodge discomfort. We avoid and distract in order to feel what we think is ease. It is a tricky game.

We get really good at playing this game, after all our society is full of ways to distract and have instant but often empty gratification. Social media is such a huge enabler for this. I have found that when I crave connection, instead of wresting with the vulnerability of reaching out to a real human, I will engage in social media. Only to be left feeling even more disconnected and alone than I did to begin with.

I also got served a big lesson before the holidays…I was holding myself back from moving forward and evolving so many parts of myself by using my heartfelt mission of wanting to see compassionate and responsible leadership in the world as a distraction. Instead of focusing that mission into my business and my own personal work, I was trying to saver every single soul who even showed an inkling of leadership desire. Wether they asked for it or not. WTF? How could my own mission to serve and see change be such a huge distraction creating feelings of resentment, lack of value, and exhaustion?? Tricky game. Slippery fucking beast.

Our society right now is one where it can feel like a struggle to navigate with an open heart, to feel worthy, and to feel lit up with focused passion. There are distractions EVERWHERE. If we stay distracted, we don’t have to wrestle with the “hard” feelings. If we shop instead of sit, we get that little, empty rush of satisfaction. If we eat instead of listen to our body, we enchant the tastebuds while pressure cooking our emotions. If we scroll social media, we delight the senses, triggering our brains to take in the colors, experiences, and adventures of others while simultaneously feeding the undercurrent of our own feelings of disconnection, unworthiness, and lack. When we choose distract instead of work through fear, we throw another opportunity in waste bin of life when our hearts are truly screaming to experience life wide open, even if it means things don’t work out the way we planned.

This last two weeks have allowed me to see so many places where I have been in distraction instead of engagement. The reality is now prompting me to create change. I am making a commitment to using text message or a phone call to reach out to those with whom I desire authentic connection. I am focusing my mission and passion into my own work while cheering others on in theirs doing it their way. I am engaging in the hobbies that fill my bucket instead of scrolling the feed of others experiencing theirs.

Bring it life, let’s rumble with awesome vulnerability!

Where are you seeing/feeling distraction?