By Aryn 0


My most recent lesson has been lingering around the edges of my awareness gently bumping into my heart. This recent lesson has been around support. I have had to realize that when there are times that I don’t feel supported, it is because I am expecting it to show up a certain way. And if it does not arrive with the pretty bow I imagined it should, then it means that I am not supported. Ahhhh the confining limits of the ego mind.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are ways, that when we communicate them with love and compassion, are the BEST ways to support us…mine are physical presence and gifts (coffee, a note, flowers, etc). But here is the kicker…these ways are not always what fit into other’s lives in terms of how they can support you.

When I expect support to show up in a certain way, it does not take in to account the journey of others…their life may not allow them the time to by physically present, sometimes they do not have the time or money to support in gifts, something they are hurting and in need of healing and do not have the space to hold yours, and sometimes they are not the right person for the job.

So I guess my lesson in all of this is to remember not to hold judgement on others when they don’t show up. It might not be the right time for them, they may not have the skills or heart space, they may have their own struggles. Instead, focus intently on what IS showing up for you. If you engage all your awareness on looking for what YOU want, you are missing the beautiful love and support that is arriving at your doorstep every single day, or hour, or minute.

Love and support and encouragement will show up for you in a stranger’s smile, in a donation or act of kindness you didn’t expect, it can show up in your kid having a better than usual day giving you space to breathe, it can show up in someone completely looking after one area of your life you don’t even recognize because it wasn’t on your “radar.”

Be blessed in your charmed life, stay open to recognize your own lessons and accept them willingly, remember you are complete, and remain compassionate to how the universe decides to best deliver your love and support.

Photo credit: Meg Kathleen, Oh Love Photography