Follow the Process

By Aryn 0

Follow the Process

You do it because you said you were going to. No matter if you are lifting weights, dancing, doing self work, there are phases:

  • excitement and enthusiasm
  • challenge and learning
  • challenge
  • decreases strength and stamina
  • commitment and follow through
  • recovery

    Today’s workout was fucking hard, I hated feeling week, feeling like I had nothing left to give and feeling like I had regressed. But you do it. You do the work the best you can because you committed, so you follow through.

    If you can make it through the commitment and follow through stage, you will recover and you will level up. Knowing that doesn’t make that day of decreased strength and stamina (mental or physical) any easier, but when you are a slave to the process, your success is imminent, it’s the next step.

    Success is a byproduct of your commitment and follow through, not your passion or enthusiasm.

    Don’t stop because you “don’t feel like it.” Follow the process, receive the reward 👍🏻