Good Girl

By Aryn 0

This has popped up repetitively for me in the past few weeks and I have learned that when things do that, the universe is like pssssst, you should talk about this.

My one wish for women/girls of all ages would be to say “fuck you” when anyone or any concept calls them a “good girl.”

Being a “good” girl implies that there is a standard or ideal to uphold that meets the desires and wishes of someone other than you. So inherently if you do not meet these standards or exemplifying these ideals, you are an inherently bad girl. So be sure to be quiet, be sure to behave, be sure to chase only the carrot they put out for you, be sure to be attractive, be sure to follow the rules, be sure to have an opinion but only when asked, be sure to accept what we the server puts in front of you without objection, be sure to hold your head at just this angle, be sure to seem strong but not to object, be sure to follow the rules and you will be rewarded.

Fuck that shit.

Good doesn’t mean shit. My wish is that women/girls quit trying to be good and instead learn to be messy, passionate, curious, loud, rebellious and in doing so they discover what wants to be expressed and explored from the inside out.

If you ever absentmindedly call me a “good girl” because you’ve been brainwashed by society that it’s an acceptable expression, you’ll receive a tight-lipped smirk and I’ll say “try again.”

If you say “good girl” because you think I have met some sort of expectation you have laid out for me, I’ll say “fuck you, that’s cute you thought this was about you.”

Girls, ladies, women. Be what we the fuck you want, just make sure it what YOU want.