Isolation Time

By Aryn 0

There have been so many articles out there saying what you should and shouldn’t do right now with all our “spare” time in self isolation…


I often bring awareness to clients in coaching around the words “should” and “shouldn’t” as I find these are cue words for engaging in an action/behavior out of obligation instead of inspiration. Obligation is outside influence, inspiration is inside spark.

My prayer through all of this is deeper connection with self and healing. I have been observing in my life as well as others that the way we were doing things was not working. Much of our lives were being pulled by obligation, shame, or loss of our Muchness, causing us to chase affirmation. I am praying that this increased time with self allows people to heal. To choose.

So choose whatever the fuck YOU want. And if right now that is surviving this colossal clusterfuck of change so you and your kiddos don’t drown or succumb to mental health breakdowns…you choose that. If it’s reading more or learning more, choose that. If it’s crying for three days because you haven’t had time in a kajillion years to process emotions, you choose that. And in time, there will be space. And when that space arrives for you to breathe and sit with the void, that infinite possibility space, choose YOU.

Get curious. What makes up ME? What is wanting to bubble up to be seen? What am I afraid of, and then what is under that? What excites me? Where is my attention being drawn? Where do I see/feel frustration, then what is under that? What might bring joy?

Curiosity is the mother of all invention and right now, re-invention. But first, you must survive. Focus on surviving, then when there is space, and you are ready for the next, let your inner wisdom guide you, not some article or guru and…