Movement Classes

These classes are dedicated to the “fringe” ways to move your body.  They are not quite dance, they are not quite “gym” classes.  These classes allow you to access to explore movement and connect to your body in non-conventional ways. Our goal is to help you connect your mind, body and spirit more deeply while keeping your body fluid, powerful, and feeling free from restriction.


It’s not a secret that we all neglect our flexibility. Join Aryn for this dedicated time to stretch, lengthen, and increase flexibility. This guided stretch class that will focus on lower body flexibility that throughout the progressive series of classes will help you gain access to your splits. We will work solo as well as in pairs to push past the tight spots. This is not your “zen, sit and hold” kind of class.  You will be working actively to keep the body warm and work your active flexibility.  You may sweat and you will feel your muscles lengthening and strengthening! You’ll leave feeling taller and amazingly limber!


Check out our schedule to see if this class is running.


Floor Trix

The floor is a wonderful playground!  Learn to use the floor as an apparatus in this class where we learn to push, pull, pivot, spin, and roll.  Trix learned in the this class can be an incredible workout on their own​ or they can be used in dance and movement choreo to make your transitions and floor work interesting and unique. This class is broken down into quality technical building blocks that lead to acquiring the final skill with ease…like magic!  There will be options for everyone and you are welcome to progress at your own pace.  This progressive series of classes can accommodate nearly all fitness levels. Be sure to dress in layers, you will want options to cover your legs fully and your arms and shoulders when needed.  Knee pads will be your best friend in this class!


Check out our schedule to see if this class is running.