Pole and Heels Dance Studio

About The Goddess Movement

TGM is A Unique dance studio dedicated to

Creating an inclusive and supportive environment for humans who want to connect and explore movement. We Are So Much More Than a Pole Dance and Heels Dance Studio.

The Goddess Movement started because we were tired of seeing women shrink, hide and change who they truly are because of lack of support and ongoing bullying from other women. TGM began it’s humble roots as a pole dance studio and has grown its programs and mission through it’s Legacy of Love. We believe every one is an adult dancer; that when people learn to love themselves better, they can then love others better. When we know better, we must do better. Through nearly two decades, this dance studio has helped people see themselves as capable, powerful, and confident beings. It is our hope that what our students feel from the staff in every class, they can offer back to each other, and share the love by demanding nothing short of love and support to all humans outside the dance studio walls.

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