Pole and Heels Dance Studio

Pole and Heels Dance Parties

Got something to celebrate?
Let us help you!

Whether its a birthday, new found single freedom, stagette, staff development or a girl’s night out…we know how to elevate the fun and energy with our signature pole dance and heels dance parties!  We focus on accessible movement for all body types and bring the attitude and sensuality in excess!

TGM Signature Pole Dance Parties

Nothing says “a good time” like swinging around a pole! Our signature pole dance party is 90 minutes in length. We will get the connection started with introductions and chatting about what you are nervous or excited about. Then we ease in the gooey vibes with sensual warm up. From there we push, pull, and grind those hips because they never lie! We take that sensual goddess energy to the pole to learn intro levels moves that get blended and massaged into a powerful, slinky pole dance routine. If time allows, we can also pull the chairs in to play in a melty and spicy routine! We have 6 poles in our 1000 square foot dance space and our curriculum is designed for people to share poles.

$257.25 + GST (12 or less participants)
$299.25 + GST (13 or more participants)

TGM Heels Dance Party

You wanna shake whatcho mama gave ya? Our heels dance party is where you’ll let your alter ego out to play. Our heels dance parties are 90 minutes in length and can be customized with a routine to your favourite sensual badass song or you can let the instructor choose for you. There is no pole involved, just a slow rise to a playful and expressive sensual crescendo! Heels are not required, but suggested and sensual attire that has you feeling like the goddess you are is engouraged! This is where your Pussycat Dolls/Beyonce Back Up Dancer/Burlseque Movie dreams come alive! For up to 18 participants.

Please email us at admin@thegoddessmovement.com to request a date and time for your celebration!