Pole and Heels Dance Studio

LUVEN Heels Dance Series

Just as every human is unique, so is this Heels Dance Program.

Our primary goal at LUVEN by The Goddess Movement is to offer a complete dance training experience. One where you play in as many genres of dance as we can offer you. This allows you to cross-train without having to commit to multiple classes or days of the week.

Just as every human in unique, so is this program!  You will be able to find new ways to express and discover yourself every single week, all while being supported and encouraged by your dance group community and our loving instructional team!

LUVEN can accommodate humans with absolutely no dance experience as well as ex-competitive dancers and performers.  Check out our group descriptions below. EVERYONE is a dancer!

Training & Performance SESSIONS

September - January
February - June
  • 14 weeks of training
  • Stage performance mid-January or early June (respective to your registered session)
  • Registration will include 1 hour and 45 minutes of training each week: training session will include warm up, studio tech, strengthening, new show choreography and review of numbers previously learned, and one tech + dress rehearsal that is 9 hours in length
  • All LUVEN sessions will consist of a variety of dance styles, each group will be trained by many, if not all of the LUVEN instructional team
  • Drop in LUVEN classes will be offered, but not included in the session registration. Drop in passes will be offered at a discount for all LUVEN session registrants.

LUVEN groups are as follows:


Beginner group is for those with no or very limited dance experience.  The instruction for this group is focused on helping students connect with their body, learn the foundations of heels dance and getting comfortable with learning the language of choreography.  A student can dance in this group forever if they choose, one session is recommended for this group, then you can progress into Beginner 2.

Beginner 2

This group is for those who have completed one session of Beginner 1 or have some limited previous dance experience. Students in this group will continue to focus on the foundations of heels dance and will be learning to perfect some of those foundations. Students will also be introduced to the art of acting and physical expression at this level. Students will dance two sessions in this group before progressing onto Intermediate 1.

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 1 is for dancers with some dance experience, either from the LUVEN beginner groups or from other dance classes.  Technique in these classes will be open level including skills that are beyond basics.  Students in this group can be introduced to two variations of dance genres other than heels dance. A student can expect to be challenged in this group, but without the pressure of advanced choreography.  A student can dance in Intermediate 1 forever if they choose or can progress into Intermediate 2 if or when they feel ready (assessment is required to move in to Intermediate 2).

Intermediate 2

Intermediate 2 is for dancers with much previous dance experience, either from the LUVEN Intermediate 1 group or from other dance classes/training.  A student can enter this class for the first time at The Goddess Movement if they have previous dance training with us via LUVEN or through other years of studio/dance training and an assessment submitted by video or attending drop-in/assessment classes.  This group will be challenged with intermediate/advanced skills in multiple dance genres, as well as skills that will require solid strength/mobility/conditioning.  This group will be expected to understand the language of choreography, how to receive it and express it confidently and with character.


The Experienced group is for students who have had years of studio/competitive training and performance experience.  If you are a student who has training outside of The Goddess Movement, fit this group description, and have a desire to enter this group, please email to discuss your dance history. This is not the “top” of the LUVEN program, but rather a group where dancers can be challenged safely with respect to their extensive training and choreography language maturity.  This group will be challenged with advanced studio technique, dynamic group tricks, intricate choreography language, and strength and endurance.  It is expected that this group is a place to support the strengths of the individuals, but more importantly lean in to the support and elevation of the pride…not competition.