Pronounced “loo-ven” and inspired by the German word for lioness” Luven is a dance training class that fosters the individual power, grace, and confidence of the lioness. LUVEN is a safe space for all humans to explore dance through heels, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, jazz funk, sensual + animalistic movement, floor flow and tricks and so much more. Like the lioness, Luven elevates the raw strength and power in the singular, but when together in a pride, the entire group is catalyzed through the collective support, love, resiliency.


As with all programs created by The Goddess Movement, LUVEN is infused with the mission and values of TGM. Every human is unique, valuable, and magnificent. Luven is a safe place for people of all backgrounds, orientations, genders, and diversity to explore feminine movement, self-discovery, and empowered expression.


There are two ways you can experience the power and community of LUVEN:

1. Session Series:

Depending on the time of the year, you can register for a series of classes ranging from 8-15 weeks.  Each training session is 1 hour 45 minutes and will be a mix of skills training, conditioning and performance choreography.  Two times per year these training sessions will culminate in a session end stage production!  Included in your session will be weekly training, tech rehearsal and dress rehearsal and in a performance session, two show performances (costume purchase additional).


We hold 4 sessions per year:


Sept-Jan: performance
Feb: drop-ins and workshops
March-June: performance
July-August: training


2. Drop-In Classes

We run drop-in classes throughout the year.  There is no long-term commitment for these, you are welcome to only attend the dates that you choose by purchasing one class at a time or using a punch card.  We do recommend registering in advance to secure your spot!  Each 60-75 minute class will vary in genre of dance so you will always be in for a fun and energetic experience!