This Crazy Week!

By Aryn 0

This week was a doozey!!!!!


Holy bananas, is anyone else feeling the crazy energy from this week? Started of chaotic and disconnected, sooooooo many feels in the middle, now totally pooped!

Here is what I did to help navigate this wild week! First I laughed my ass off at the chaos at the beginning, I fully dumped all my coffee INTO my boots when I bent over to put them on, and I sat on the floor and laughed at how ridiculous the puddle of mocha goodness looked in my shoe…then I ran around like a MANIAC yelling at my dogs to “stop eating that” and “get over here” and “I told you to get over here” topped off with me running full speed after one of my delinquent dogs while the owner of the dog my dog was chasing was running away from us because her dog wasn’t good with dogs and all the while I am SCREAMING..AT…MY…DEAF...DOG. Just take that in for a moment. The other owner and I fully loosing our footing and falling and jumping up to catch our respective dogs…and thank goodness at the end of it all she was gracious enough to laugh with me as we recounted how utterly out of control and hilarious we must have both looked.

SILVER LINING: I chose to be outside my problem and observe it, it is not me, and when I looked at it it was damn funny. And remember it is only a moment, it will pass, tomorrow will be a different day.