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So many people ask, how are you so confident, how are you successful, how do you do all the things you do, how are you doing life?

And you know what, I think it comes down to a few simple things. I think for every person out there whom you might admire, look up to, or pull inspiration from…if the answer is distilled down to the simplest form…I believe it might come down to a few seemingly small things:

1. Do less and feel more.
2. Do more good than harm in a day.

No. 1

Let’s be real. Life in our society is fucking nut-balls. It’s fast, it’s busy, it’s full, and is distracting. We continually buy in to the myth that our lives can be justified by how busy we are, but how few hours of sleep we got, and by the list of tasks we complete and share on facebook because it makes us feel better than the next person who “just sat around doing nothing all day.”

Truth…. THERE IS A TIME TO HUSTLE. Shit does not get done if we don’t hustle. There is a time to work your ass off to make your impact. What I’m suggesting is that you do JUST that. Get clear, know why you are hustling, then git er done. But in every day life, we are too full, too distracted, and too tired. So when we are not hustling with a very specific purpose, DO LESS AND FEEL MORE. Reduce the amount of “busy” so you can get clear on why you are doing life at all. FEEL what pulls at your heart, feel where your soul wants to see change in the world, feel the sun on your face because it feels damn good, truly surrender to the bliss of that orgasm, because YES!, feel the smooth foam from your soul-food coffee swirl in your mouth, cuz yuuuummmmmm. Just FEEL, you are then tapped into the tidal wave of honest energy in the universe. Then keep moving toward what feels good and gets you closer to why you wanna do life.

No. 2

If you consciously choose to do more things in a day that bless the world, bring about love and compassion outside of what’s good for you, create more awesome than harm in the day…you are doing it. You are succeeding in life. That’s all it takes guys. JUST DO MORE GOOD THAN HARM. Eventually if you make this an intentional practice for you, those good things will become the majority of your actions, instead of the highlights. And when that happens…whoa, baby…the whole world’s gonna change. And if that feels to big…how about settling into knowing your life will be more full of what’s good simply because you are choosing it for those around you.


…tag, you are it…be the change ❤️