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There are many ways that fear can surface that we recognize…anxiety, freezing, sweaty palms, avoidance.

It can escape our awareness in the trickiest of ways when it shows up as Distraction. Yes, those moments where you go to get water, or run an errand, or bake cookies, or engage in conversation are moments that can be catalyzed by fear…and they help to distract you from the discomfort that come with fear.

So the next time you feel yourself disengage from what’s happening and move on to another activity, conversation, action…pause for a moment and ask “is this a distraction, or is this inspired/desired/needed?” Then immediately ask “what am I trying to distract myself from?”

Then as quickly as you can, come back to the discomfort and take action IN the fear. That sneaky little bitch won’t get the best of you!

Photo credit: Meg Kathleen, Oh Love Photography