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This thought has been swirling for a week. It was amplified by @michellebcooper ‘s message earlier in the week.

Gratitude is easy when there is loving, beautiful physical, tangible things for us to react to. When we are feeling, seeing and experiencing the richness of life, gratitude seems to flow without much effort.

But gratitude is a practice of habit and faith. It’s in the times that we don’t have evidence that we must commit to the practice of gratitude.

Being thankful when things are difficult sends a message to the universe that says, “ I trust that you have my back. I am thankful for the lesson I am being shown. I am ready to take responsibility and rise. I am ready to receive.”

Gratitude allows for blessings to spring up like the tiny plant that grown in barren concrete. When we practice gratitude, we are ready to receive.

Never grow weary in the doing of good work. Gratitude is damn good work my friends 💚


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