In The Flow

By Aryn 0

Not at all to be confused with “going with the flow” unless, of course that is where you choose to be.

For the purpose of this message, “FLOW” represents the energy of life, and our place in it. FLOW can be many things….a lazy warm river, a thundering waterfall or a powerful surging wave….

In all examples, one thing is constant about FLOW it moves along, never stopping, always finds the path of least resistance, and though it carries things with it, it does not care if they fight against it or ride along. FLOW will always go where it needs…

Our challenges arise not because of FLOW (substitute “life” if you will). Our challenges exists because instead of using the vitality, energy and power of FLOW, we feel the need to control every fine detail, worry about outcome, and because we are fighting so hard agains FLOW we often are unaware of the signs around us urging us to trust FLOW. And when we don’t trust FLOW we create our own hardships…

We must still be active in the FLOW. We must learn in every moment, when we choose to be IN THE FLOW, though the direction and scenery may change, we are always presented with the tools and opportunities we need to reach our desires. There will still be rough patches, but ultimately FLOW will provide…and it will do so with such beautiful Providence you will be grateful for every part of the journey.

FLOW is far more powerful and divinely guided than my humanness. I will choose to paddle when I need, brace myself when I need, and learn at every turn. I will stop fighting the current, instead I will ask, where is there a way? I will ride the power of FLOW and as I do I will be profoundly blessed to help others along the way.

FLOW on little ducks. Open your heart, speak your truth and always ask,, “how may my lessons help others?” ❤️