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I have recently been spending countless hours rolling the word “jealous” around in my noggin.  Searching for what it litterly means, it’s connotations, and emotional repercussions.

I think all too often we use the phrase, “I’m so jealous” as a form of flattering compliment…..

Sally got finished a 2 year long night study course which then lead to a promotion at work and higher salary.  Sally’s friend Sue gives Sally an exuberant hug and then says, “I’m so jealous!” I’m sure Sue meant it as a celebration, but let’s look at what jealous means…..

The challenge with “jealous” is that is an expression, NOT of joy or encouragement, but instead “jealous” is a robber of joy.

While it may be true that Sue was happy for Sally, Sue’s choice of words leaves little room for celebration, instead Sally’s accomplishment is overshadowed by Sue’s disappointment in not receiving her own promotion.

So here in lies the challenge…I cannot realistically think that I could control my life enough to never feel jealousy again….but what I can do is two-fold.

1. SHARE THE JOY- first congratulate Sally on her hard-earned achievements, or experience, or event…..heck even the delicious piece of chocolate cake she’s eating! And do so with an open, loving heart.


2. BE INSPIRED-realize that what is appearing as jealousy is actually a tool for me to introspect and ask, “what part of Sally’s event, accomishment, or dessert am I yourning for?” Once identified, I can then create my own path to that instead of squashing Sally’s. Ex: instead of picking up Sally’s cake with your bare hands and throwing it across the wall to watch it slowly slither and drip its way to the floor…create a pathway to the store to get your own delicious cake to partake and enjoy the bliss to follow 😉


In doing these two things:

1. Share the Joy

2. Be inspired

We are creating healthy, productive energy in which everyone can thrive! Doesn’t that feel like the warm, pink fuzzy bubble we like?? Choose your words wisely, know your intent, direct your heart and LIVE BIG, little ducks!

Xoxo, Aryn (aka Mama Duck)