Pole and Heels Dance Studio

Partner with your Body

I was taken out of nearly all forms of movement about 1.5 years ago with an injury. My body was finally tired of being pushed to do things…of me not listening. As a competitive athlete my entire life, my body’s job was just to do what it was told…no pain, no gain.

Well, it finally told me to f*ck off. I was unable to do much of anything but walk for almost a year. Though is was crushing to the spirit, I did discover one very important thing that has changed my entire view on movement, “exercise,” and my relationship with my body.

I must be a partner with my body, not a dictator. It gives me continual cues as to what is needed, what it likes, and when it’s ready for more.

I no longer “exercise.” I move my body with curiosity. I find things that FEEL good to do, for the mind, body, and soul. Every time I move I ask, “ what does that feel like?” If it feels good, I explore more. If it doesn’t feel good, I find a variation that does.

I approaching my movement this way, my body has responded beautifully. I am stronger than ever, healthier than ever and pain free!!

Best “fitness” advice I can give someone? Get curious. Mimic a toddler’s movement for an hour, or an animal of any kind. Creatively explore the world around you through movement!


Ps. This is how we teach at TGM