By Aryn 0


Just a little note on perspective this morning…

What if you were not the emotional state you are currently in? What if your situation wasn’t YOU? What if you could step out of the scene and watch the events unfold in front of you?

One of the most empowering things we can create in our lives is perspective. I have mentioned on numerous accounts the idea of being the “director” in the movie of your life. Stepping out of the emotional reaction, moving 100 feet back from it and watching yourself play it out. The ability to create distance from our emotion or situation allows us to observe it without being IN it.

When you step back and detach, you can objectively look at all the aspects of it…who is in the scene with me? What is their story playing out that brought them to this point? In watching my reaction, is it desirable? Do I want it to continue? Am I clearly expressing my needs/feelings/boundaries? Could I be more effective/caring/grounded? What advice could I give myself to be able to resiliently work through this scene?

And most importantly, as the director, you have the script in hand. You, apart from what’s happening IN the scene, can look ahead in the script to see where it goes…and even better…you can REWRITE it.

If the scene, or your continued reaction to the scene, isn’t desirable you can change it…and therefor change how you wish to carry on.

Emotional reactions are normal…please have them. But put a time limit on it. After 24 hours, allow yourself separation and create distance so you can observe the scene without attachment. Get curious, get creative, and decide how you want to proceed. Shift away from fear and into love and it’s incredible how the scene shifts!

Wishing all you shiny humans a beautiful week!

photo: Oh Love Photography
location: Valley of Fire, Nevada