Pole and Heels Dance Studio

Polarity II

When one has taken the time to explore and observe their extremes, it provides an incalculable advantage in navigating life. When you are capable of fully feeling anger and joy, when you are aware of how strong you are because of how weak you have been, when you have sat beside the darkest parts of you and become friends with your shadow, you can truly stand in your light.

Some of the most tedious work I do personally on a daily basis is to lean deeply into the sliding scale of me, my full spectrum. I often ask: What haven’t I considered? If I am feel struggle, what would it take to feel freedom? If I am feeling unloved, where am I doubting my worth? What other story/truth can I consider different from my own? I need to feel/embrace anger completely as it is a powerful motivator for change. I must fully receive joy and love so I can manifest more of it. I must know the powerful, convicted, nearly ruthless warrior within and find harmony for her with the glorious grace and peace of the angel. In order for us to be complete we are required to know, love, and accept both ends of the polarity.

Each time I consider both sides of the polarity, I am inviting the exploration of the FULL spectrum, the extremes. For when I can understand both sides, I can then choose where I want to reside in between. When we lack awareness of both sides of our polarity, we are often at the mercy of the swinging pendulum trying to dodge, grab hold, or be drug to where ever the pendulum might land.

I encourage the dirty work of sitting in the dark. It’s not all sunshine and cupcakes and anyone who tries to stay in this end of the spectrum can only sustain it for a short time, then the fall is hard and fast to the other side. Go into the dark, get really fucking dirty…then you will have the wisdom, strength, and faith to walk the spectrum of polarity with ease.

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