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This post goes out to the topic of preparation!

I will be referencing pole performance/competition, but know that this applies to absolutely anything in life in which you are required to present/be visible/stretch the comfort zone.

The time to start preparing for an event is BEFORE you even decide to do it. This may seem counter-intuitive because…why would I want to train if I’m not doing anything serious with it? Well, in my 12 years of coaching pole athletes and the 10 years prior to that coaching sports athletes…the biggest disadvantage athletes must overcome is their LACK OF COMMITMENT TO DAILY EXCELLENCE.

Even if you are just a rec student doing an activity for fun, there is something you can gain or accomplish every single time you step foot into your training space, even if it for no other reason that you want to stretch your current abilities.

But this becomes even more relevant when you have even an inclining that you might, eventually, one day, far the in the future, maybe want to perform or compete. What happens is this:

1. someone mentions to you that you should compete/perform
2. you resist and think this idea is preposterous
3. your friends tell you that you have grown and learned so much you should one day share it on the stage
4. you consider it for a minute, then dismiss it, because “you have never done it before and you aren’t good enough.”
5. an event or competition arises, you see the announcement and think…maybe…then nevermind
6. then your friends, instructor, studio owner say, “hey have you seen the event announcement, you should totally do it!”
7. you say “ya, but I don’t think it’s for me
8. then your instructor grabs you by the shoulder and says, ” you should really do this, you are so ready”
9. then your class mate registers
10. then you’ve finally reached the tipping point and see a glimmer of possibility that you could do this event with out dying
11. it’s 6-8 weeks to the event
12. you finally register 6 weeks out

Now, the challenge with this is that in 6 weeks you are hoping to go from rec student to performer. It has been done and it will continue to be done, but you are setting yourself up for less than what you are capable of!

So here are a few things that you can do every single time to train to help bridge the gap between “I’m just gonna show up and make it through” to “I am ready to slay that stage.”

1. ask yourself every time you train…what can I develop today…what is one thing I can focus on finessing/fine tuning/making more fluid
2. train extra days…book open studio time, train at home (floor movement is highly valuable training if you don’t have a pole)
3. book occasional private lessons…even if you don’t have a specific goal…as a coach I can tell you I’ve taken students from sloppy AF to fluid, extended, and graceful in a single session
4. focus on long lines with every move you learn…can you extend the legs/hips/arms/wrists more fully? Are there places where my feet were lazy that I can sharpen up?
5. MAKE YOURSELF FREESTYLE! Getting comfortable with creative movement gives you more vocabulary, better awareness, and helps you develop your personal style (something I see lacking a lot in performances/competition)

These 5 things will have you feeling like you can achieve every single day you train…even if you don’t have a big goal at the end! It is little goals like this that create the pole-ers that you all love to watch on instagram…ask any of them

Wishing you loads of pole love, hit me up if you have any questions about this post or are looking to invest in you and your pole passion this year!

Much love,