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Time is our most precious commodity…

This goes out to all the mama’s and care providers out there. I was getting really down on myself for not “doing all the things.” Not having the house clean, not getting all my business work done, not getting groceries on time, as the story goes. So I sat down one day and wrote out exactly what I did and for what length of time over a few days. And what I want to share with you is that we as mamas often forget that our most important job is raising and investing in your kids. And when we do this intentionally, it pays dividends in the healthy minds, bodies, spirits and realationship of our mini humans, though mine isn’t so mini any more, lol!

Have a look at the timeline below for my day and let it be a mirror to remind you that we often discount our most precious investment of time. You are enough, Mama. You are doing enough, you are powerful, you are complete!

30 min morning wake up and prep kid
30 min drive to school
30 min checking on kiddo’s schedule and booking appts
45 min drive kid to/from work
4+hours drive to/watch/from hockey
2 hours cooking dinner/clean up dinner/chat about day
30+ min bed time shenanigans where we talk about the world, solve problems, discuss girls, develop a game plan for positive mental health actions, watch silly tik tok videos, take hilarious photos

8.75 hours of my 16 waking hours are dedicated to raising my kid. No wonder I feel like I can’t “get anything done” some days. Some may see some of the things above as optional, or that we could choose not to do…and you are correct. But each one of those things would pull from the richness of my kid’s life, his ability to connect with the real world and not social media, and his ability to learn about life, with natural consequences. I choose my investments wisely and with discernment. I wouldn’t change a thing!

My hope is that in this other mamas can release the “guilt” that comes with what we cannot get done and cheer ourselves on for what are are getting done. Press on, sparkly mama, you are doing great!