Pole and Heels Dance Studio

Something has been stirring in me for weeks….what started as a quiet unsettling is now surfacing as a full roar. This goes out to my tribe of sexy women, more immediately to my Army of Sass tribe.

Two years ago I was asked to perform a pole piece that was “in your face” sexy in a large public venue. I struggled with my personal insecurities, but even those were dwarfed by what “THEY” would think of me performing in bra and panties, sexy-slinking to heavy bass beats.


Then I thought…….who the fuck are “they” and why do I give a single blink what “they” think. I realized “they” was not people. “They” was the belief system that I was not allowed to express my sexual side, that if I did I was a harlot, a man-stealing, seductress, a slut.

Just stop here for a minute and let that sink in. Have you as a woman been here before? Maybe just choosing to wear red lipstick to the grocery store or heels when everyone else is wearing ballet flats…..

It was at the moment, in performing that routine, that I decided to shed those old belief systems like a tired old housecoat. I vowed I would be true to myself, to my sexy inner lioness, and allow myself to express my power and grace freely. (See link below for video)

All was well, fast forward 2 years….I have been given the opportunity to perform the same show (Army of Sass Shades of Grey) within the walls of my own studio…..in Abbotsford.

And until today I fell right back into that old belief system. I have been promoting the show as “The softer side of Shades” gently apologizing for the sexiness of the show so that “they” feel more comfortable. Worrying once again what “they” will think of Shades of Grey in Abbotsford, and wondering to myself why our tickets sales haven’t reached capacity.

Then it hit me like a sledgehammer. I was apologizing for sensual expression, invariably suffocating the beautiful passion this program is offering to share. I, as the leader of this program was saying, “Its okay to be sexy, but only when “they” are comfortable with it.”

******insert sound of tires screeching to a halt followed by the most core shaking lioness roar you’ve ever heard******

Hear me now. Being a sensual, sexy creature is the universal right of every being on this planet. How I or any other woman expresses that is our right, with respect and honor to our souls.


On Saturday, March 21, at 8 & 9:30pm I alongside 20 other powerful feminine creatures will take the stage and light it on fire with beautiful sensual expression. Every flick of hair, ever hip roll, every lip painted red is in honor of ourselves, our freedom of expression and our desire to stir energy within our audience.

If you desire, join us in the celebration of feminine fire. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Roar, sisters, Roar.
❤️ Mamma Duck

Blindfold Pole Performance Shades of Grey